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ASBU was founded in 2013. The university provides an environment for both undergraduate and graduate studies. In addition, ASBU maintains several research centres related to the social sciences.


• is research oriented,

• is dedicated to post-graduate study,

• acknowledges the importance of international cooperation

• prioritizes the most current areas of research

• is a leader in the development of social science education in Turkey

• has one of the most extensive libraries in Turkey

• is multilingual and multicultural

• positively contributes to university’s surrounding community




ASBU is a research-oriented university for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Among the university’s primary aims is the publication of social sciences research that positively contributes to the international literature. To that end, ASBU encourages its academic staff and students to engage in national-international scientific projects, and supports their effective use of social sciences research funds provided by national (TUBİTAK, and other public and private institutions) and international bodies.

With the help of the Language Studies Centre, the university provides its students the opportunity to learn other foreign languages in addition to English, according to their area interest, in an environment that facilitates broadening of the their horizons through use of language.




Via prioritizing the most current research topics, ASBU plans to accurately map Turkey’s contemporary social structure, values, institutions, and trends. Moreover, the ASBU is committed to performing all departmental procedures and research projects in an interdisciplinary fashion. ASBU also plans to establish dual/joint diploma programs with prominent international universities, so that post-graduate diplomas obtained from the ASBU will be internationally recognized.

ASBU recruits highly qualified experts and researchers in the social sciences that are familiar with countries and geographic regions that are important to Turkey's international relationships, and encourages them to engage in relevant comparative research. To ensure transparency, the University will publish such research in multiple languages.

The main ASBU campus comprises several historical and culturally important buildings in the historical Ulus neighborhood of Ankara. Via the influx of the national and international academic staff, administrative personnel, and students ASBU will, no doubt, positively contribute to the intellectual, social, economic, and cultural transformation and development of the community surrounding the university.






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