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Historic Ulus

Historic Ulus District

Ulus hosts a rich cultural, historical and moral heritage dating back to pre-republic period. This heritage bears the deep traces of Ancient and Ottoman Periods, for example, Roman Street, Column of Julian, Augustus Temple, ruins of Byzantine period, Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, Hacı Bayram Veli Shrine and lots of inns. Since the first years of Republic, Ulus has been the center of Ankara in terms of finance, bureaucracy, culture, politics and commerce. It is still an important cultural and commercial center. In the early years of Republic, it was a center which was often visited by politicians, artists and intellectuals of society. Especially after 1950, Ulus started losing its importance as a political and bureaucratic center, and a big transformation took place, therefore it was known for its heavy traffic and clubs.

Ulus also includes cultural elements within its underground. Social Sciences University of Ankara plays a great role in flourishing the social life appropriate for all society, in reforming Ulus and in making Ulus an intellectual and cultural center again.

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