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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

These centers are within walking distance to SSUA

➤ Ethnography Museum,

➤ Roman Bath,

➤ PTT Stamp Museum,

➤ Ankara Castle,

➤ Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque,

➤ First Parliament (War of Independence Museum),

➤ Republic Museum (Second Parliament)

➤ Anatolian Civilizations Museum

➤ Museum of Ulucanlar

➤ State Art and Sculpture Museum

➤ Waggon of Atatürk’s House and National Struggle

➤ Ziraat Bank Museum

➤ Museum of TCDD and Art Gallery

➤ Suluhan

➤ Youth Park

➤ State Theatres

➤ State Opera and Ballet

➤ Historical Theatres (Small Theatre, Big Theatre)

The museums to be founded in SSUA are;

➤ Museum of Public Enterprises

➤ Museum of Democracy and Adnan Menderes

➤ Museum of Independence Court

➤ Museum of İskilpli Atıf Hoca

➤ Art Museum of Young Republic

➤ Museum of Hacı Bayram Veli

➤ Museum of Treasury House

➤ Museum of Old Photographs of Ankara

➤ Museum of Furniture

➤ Ankara House

➤ Ankara Administrative Museum

➤ Museum of Civilization Levels

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