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Student Societies

Student Societies

Student communities in our university aim to provide efficient leisure time and manage their spare time organizing and taking in part occupational, scientific, social, artistic, cultural and sports activities. Our aim is not only to develop our students academically but also to develop team spirit and representation skills in a social sense and to gain self confidence in real life. Communities are the meeting point of the common interest and starting point of emerging friendships through creative projects. Our students can establish communities within the scope of the communities guide prepared for student communities.

The undergraduate or graduate students of the university must apply to the Head of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports (SKS) for submission to the Supreme Board of Communities by petition for the community organization. Our students can establish new student communities in different areas and join in any number of communities if they meet the required conditions set out in the guidelines for student communities. See the Student Associations Directive at

ASBU Student Communities

➤ ASBU Music Community

➤ International Social Science Society

➤ The ITOPIA Communication Community

➤ Young Red Crescent Society

➤ Travel and Nature Community

Student Council Presidency

Our student representatives are represented in the Senate of the University to submit the problems and expectations of the students to the ASBU Senate. For Student Council and Student Representative Election Directive, see https://sksdb.

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