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Applicants should meet the following requirements:


  • Being senior at or graduated from a high school.
  • Having an eligible nationality. This is applicable for those who are:
    • foreign nationals
    • foreign nationals who hold Turkish citizenship.
    • foreign nationals who acquired Turkish citizenship.
    • Turkish citizens by birth who have renounced their Turkish citizenship by permission of the Ministry of Interior.   
    • Turkish citizens whose parents have renounced their citizenship and are named in the renunciation of their parents, but have a permit allowing them the rights of a Turkish citizen. 
    • Turkish citizens who have completed their whole secondary education in a Turkish institution established abroad by the Turkish Ministry of Education, with the exception of those in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
    • Turkish citizens who started their secondary education abroad after 1 February 2013 who will have completed their entire high school education abroad. This includes students who have completed their whole secondary education in Turkish institutions established abroad by the Turkish Ministry of Education in a country other than the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.                                                                    
  • Having received a minimum score on a national/international exam or meeting a minimum high school GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Any applicant providing the result of an entrance exam to higher education institutions such as Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) must have taken the exam within two years prior to the application.
  • Those who meet the criteria according to their country of origin.


Click here to see the lists of exams and minimum scores approved by our university for each country.



  • Candidates are required to apply online.
  • All documents received by the Office will not be returned to the candidate.
  • Placement results are announced on the website of our university’s International Office.
  • Students who register in the departments where the medium of instruction is English are subject to fulfil the Social Sciences University of Ankara’s Foreign Languages rules and regulations that may be found in the Student Handbook.



Applications of international students are accepted all through the year. The applications are evaluated and the results are announced on the website of International Office by approximately one month before the academic year.

Begin your online application.



University of Social Sciences University International Office

Hükümet Meydanı No: 2

06050 Ulus, Altındağ, ANKARA

Phone: +90 312 596 48 97