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Requirements for Admission

Applicants should meet the following requirements:


Being senior at or graduated from a high school. Having an eligible nationality. This is applicable for those who are:

  • foreign nationals.
  • foreign nationals who hold Turkish citizenship.
  • foreign nationals who acquired Turkish citizenship.
  • Turkish citizens by birth who have renounced their Turkish citizenship by permission of the Ministry of Interior.   
  • Turkish citizens whose parents have renounced their citizenship and are named in the renunciation of their parents, but have a permit allowing them the rights of a Turkish citizen. 
  • Turkish citizens who have completed their whole secondary education in a Turkish institution established abroad by the Turkish Ministry of Education, with the exception of those in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Please click for more details.

Tuition fee of undergraduate programs for international students is 5.000 TL per year for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Tuition fees can be paid in 2 equal parts at the beginning of each semester. Half of the tuition fee is paid during the registration, and the remaining part is paid at the beginning of the 2nd semester.  Please click for more details.

Admission and Registration Calendar

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Documents for Application & Registration

Students are registered on the dates prescribed by the Registrar’s Office as a result of the assessments by the ASBU Commission of International Students Admission.

Vacancies for students are announced on the web site by the ASBU Registrar’s Office. Replacement students are also registered by the ASBU Registrar’s Office. Please click for more details.

Lists of the Exams and Minimum Scores Approved

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Online Application

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